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Balanced Living

Seattle nutrition counseling and yoga instruction
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Nutrition Services
Balanced Living provides a wide array of nutrition counseling services individually tailored to your needs. Our philosophy is to focus on understanding each patient's unique history and current situation. This personalized approach results in the development of a realistic, evolving treatment plan you can easily integrate into your life. Our vision is to help you reach your goals. 

Eating Disorder Counseling
Eating disorders include anorexia nervosa, bulimia nervosa, and binge eating disorder. These are complex, devastating diseases that can take over a person’s life. Eating disorders have been on the rise for the past 2 decades, affects 10 million women and 1 million men, and can be deadly. Treatment requires time and a team of providers for support. Nutrition is an important piece of this puzzle and Balanced Living will work with the individual, their family, and their other health providers to tailor a road to recovery. We take these diseases seriously and strive to give the proper support throughout the process. For more information on eating disorders, go to

Diabetes Counseling

This chronic disease affects 7.8% of the population in the US and rates of pre-diabetes are even higher. Management of this disease requires nutrition education and awareness of what is in the food you eat. It can also require regular checks of blood glucose levels and medication. With the proper lifestyle changes, many people can reduce their medications or prevent the need for any medication for disease control. While the diagnosis can be overwhelming and the food choices limited, there are simple ways to change your meals and snacks that will not feel like deprivation or a “diet”. Balanced Living can help you develop strategies to keep your blood glucose levels under control, reduce or prevent the need for medication, and that work with your own patterns and lifestyle.

Weight Loss

Does your weight keep you from living the life you want? Do you have no idea what foods to choose? Does thinking about your intake seem overwhelming? Whatever your goals are, Balanced Living is ready to help you figure out an easy, personalized, and healthy way to get there.

General Nutrition Services
Not sure how to adapt to life with a food allergy? Confused about how to make healthy decisions grocery shopping? Having difficulties cooking tasty, healthy, quick meals? Balanced Living is excited to work with you! We're happy to provide grocery store walk-throughs, in-home cooking instruction, and other services to help you reach your health goals.